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Cookie Policy

30 jan 2024

Cookies employed by


Cookies are small data fragments deployed to facilitate automatic sign-ins, track sessions, and store specific information about users who visit the server, such as favorite websites or, for those shopping online, the contents of their "shopping carts." For detailed instructions on how to manage or disable browser cookies, please refer to the last section of this Cookie Policy. employs a variety of cookies, each serving distinct purposes. For a deeper understanding of cookies and their general functions, visit


These cookies are the backbone of your smooth navigation on our website. Without them, accessing features like the private area would be impossible.

Your consent isn't required for these strictly necessary cookies, as they are critical to providing the services you've requested.


At, we deploy performance monitoring services on your browsing device. The data gathered through these performance cookies is utilized solely for our benefit or in our interest.

Performance cookies anonymously track how users interact with our site and its various functionalities.


By tweaking your browser settings, you have the power to either welcome or ward off cookies, or even opt to receive a prompt before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. It's crucial to remember that turning off cookies entirely might limit your ability to fully engage with all our interactive features.

These adjustments should be made on every browser across all devices you use. If your digital life spans multiple gadgets or workstations, ensure that each browser is configured to align with your cookie preferences.

Given that each browser comes with its own set of instructions and methodologies for cookie management, below you'll find specific links to guide you through modifying your browser settings.