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Radio Sanremo

Sanremo All Year Round

Tune into Sanremo's music and experience the Festival all year round, no matter where you are. Our station presents a wide array of tracks, linking you directly to the celebrated City of Music.

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I'm a huge music enthusiast, and Radio Sanremo has been my constant companion throughout the year. With their digital presence, I have the luxury of enjoying my favorite tunes no matter where I am. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Ervin Howell
Ervin Howell, VP Product, Deckow-Crist
Listening to Radio Sanremo is like coming home. Their outstanding musical lineup always wraps me in the warmth of the vast Italian music family. I feel truly blessed to tune in daily and be part of this musical journey.
Clementina DuBuque
Clementina DuBuque, SVP Sales, Hoeger LLC.
What a thrill it is to tune into Radio Sanremo from across the globe! As an Italian living abroad for years, the ability to stream the station over the internet allows me to hear the songs that remind me of home. Thank you, Radio Sanremo, you are amazing!
Kurtis Weissnat
Kurtis Weissnat, CMO, Brunlow Inc.

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La nostra storia

Our Enterprise

Radio Sanremo stands as a tangible force, closely tied to the renown of the City of Music and its celebrated Festival through its very name. The digital revolution, especially through IP listening and DAB, has vastly expanded its listening potential, now reaching significant numbers both in Italy and globally, thanks in part to the strong appeal of the station's name. Our motto encapsulates this spirit:

Radio Sanremo With You All Year Round.

Our team

Discover the essence of innovation and excellence with us.


Alex Peroni

Art Director

Alex Peroni is a master of communication and entertainment, boasting an illustrious career that spans over four decades. His journey began in the vibrant era of the emerging Italian commercial radio scene, where he stood out not merely as a participant, but as a pioneering force. From the get-go, he was at the forefront of the nation's major networks, later becoming the music selector and artistic director for Radio 105 and RTL 102.5. His innovative spirit shone as he navigated the complexities of the media landscape, pioneering technical and organizational solutions. These initial efforts laid the groundwork for a career characterized by relentless innovation and a deep commitment to enhancing audience engagement. In recent years, Alex Peroni has honed his expertise in new radio broadcasting formats, particularly web and visual radio. He has been tasked with tailoring the most accessible and suitable product for new technologies, following the unique tradition of Radio Sanremo.

MAuro Birocchi

Mauro Birocchi

General Director


With over four decades of expertise in the communications and media realm, Mauro Birocchi stands as a distinguished figure in the radio production industry. He currently holds the esteemed role of General Director at Radio Sanremo, adeptly steering the station through its digital transformation. General Director, Radio Sanremo (Sep 2022 - Present): He is charged with overseeing the administration and overall management of Radio Sanremo, with a keen focus on media production, music, and broadcasting. President, Multimedia Association (ASSOMULTIMEDIA) (Jun 2017 - Jul 2022): In his tenure, he vigorously fostered collaboration among media professionals and record producers, driving sustainable growth within the industry. Partner and Head of Radiotv and Social Media, MAP Musicians Associated (Jun 2016 - Dec 2017): Leveraging his extensive experience, he effectively promoted and elevated the profile of associated artists through radio, television, and social media endeavors.



Mario Chiavalin

Chief Operation Officer

Mario Chiavalin brings a wealth of experience from the entertainment world, including television and film production. Born in Treviso, Chiavalin embarked on his career as a junior Carabiniere in Rome, earning a Commendation for his service during the 1980 earthquake. He later joined the national swimming team, before transitioning to fashion photography and receiving training in television communication, photography, and filmmaking.

Over the years, Chiavalin has held pivotal positions across various domains of the entertainment industry. He served as the president of the Cineforum Trevigiano and taught Production Technique and Television Communication Language for IRRSAE until 2005. He then ventured into the film industry as a director, creating numerous movies and theatrical productions. From 2005 to 2018, he worked as the operational director at the Via Belli television studios in Milan, collaborating with major national and international TV productions. He directed several acclaimed TV shows, including "Invasioni Barbariche" with Daria Bignardi on La7, "Le Iene" on Mediaset, and "The Apprentice" with Flavio Briatore on Sky/Fremantle. In 2016, Chiavalin took the helm as the director of "Fashion TV Italia" and the "Match Music" channel. His technical expertise in high-frequency broadcasting, coupled with his creativity and problem-solving skills, make him an invaluable asset in the world of IPTV and satellite broadcasting. 

Chiavalin has been honored with numerous nominations and awards for his contributions, among them the Hot Bird TV Awards nominations and the Commendation for his efforts during the 1980 Irpinia earthquake.

Ezio Mangone

Ezio Mangone

Commercial Director

Ezio Mangone has recently stepped into the role of Commercial Manager at Radio Sanremo, bringing with him an impressive track record of over 30 years in advertising sales and marketing. His career has spanned across notable companies such as RTL 102.5 and TILT PRODUCTION SRL, showcasing his adeptness in marketing services sales, including Google.

Anna Glebova

Anna Glebova

News Director

Anna is a journalist who is officially registered on the professional roster, a testament to her dedication and adherence to the highest standards in journalism. She has recently stepped into the role of News Director at Radio Sanremo, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to the station's news coverage. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for uncovering the truth, Anna is set to redefine what listeners expect from their news service, ensuring that accuracy,

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